Sustainability is one of the basic principles of our corporate strategy as well as a benchmark for our success as a group of companies.
We integrate sustainability into our business through our corporate strategic priorities, using business levers such as technology, corporate governance and operational excellence. This process creates positive benefits for our stakeholders, drives long-term success for the Acetech Group and enables each employee at every level of our group to help build value for the customer. Our work is grounded in our values, with the customer as our compass to guide decisions, with strong and transparent relationships with all of our stakeholders and with excellence and exceptional service as our standard.


Ethical Business Practices

At Acetech, people come before profits. Business integrity is important to us and we expect our employees, customers and cooperation partners to adhere to ethical business practices in their everyday work.

Environment Protection

A major focus of many CSR programs is the environment and how we give back more than we take. Here at Acetech finding success, incorporating “green” principles into our corporate cultures has become the way in which we do business.
Acetech is convinced that sustainable and responsible business increases our ability to innovate and meet the future — adding value to the company. It allows us to identify risks and opportunities early and opens up the change processes we need. For these reasons, sustainability is an integral component of our corporate strategy and corporate development.