Mission & Vision


Our mission is to manufacture and supply a wide range of assemblies with very high quality and enhanced customer satisfaction. We will do so by upgrading our capability by investing in reliable, relevant and green technologies that ensures a lean manufacturing system. We will offer our employees a platform by which they will be able to continuously enhance their skills and work in an environment that focuses on continual improvements..


To be a leader in India in the manufacturing of assemblies and be the first preferred supplier with a world-class manufacturing facility and to provide fulfillment and prosperity for our employees, collaborators, and suppliers. We believe, without this foundation, nothing in this world can last long. Every action performed by Acetech has this value of Integrity through it.

Quality Policy

We at Acetech are committed to delivering products to meet and exceed customer expectations of quality delivery and cost through. Continual improvement in product quality by process control & variability reduction. Upgradation of manufacturing technology and skills. Cost reduction through the elimination of waste in all business processes. Development of human resources. Development and participation of our suppliers.

Systems Followed

  • ISO 9001-2015
  • Welding of components as per ISO 3834
  • Painting and powder coating of components as per customer required specifications
  • Inspection of components as per the international standards
  • Lean six sigma methodology
  • Working towards ISO-14000 to attain safety and environmental standards