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Owing to the constant appeal for traditional offline marketing, Outdoor media is often a much-celebrated and much-revisited industry for all major businesses. It is doubtfully a reliable medium as the audience looks into the Brand Ads physically in the form of flex boards or hoardings.

No other form has ever created more impact on the target audience than Outdoor Media which has a legacy of serving the most successful brands all over the world. In the year 1962, the bus shelter was introduced by a French company named JC Decaux that changed the course of marketing.

With the acumen taken from the history of outdoor media, we, at Acetech, have plunged into the business with relentless support from our partner organizations of all sectors, providing us the advantage of using the matter and materials we require, in the manner and medium we want. We offer the best outdoor media solutions meeting the specific requirements.

Following the current trends in the market and creating the trends for the market to follow, we have become one the pioneers in the field of the outdoor median in the past two decades. With vast experience and skillful experts, we make brands credible and successful, by reaching to the right audience with the right communication at the right place.

Depending on what the people need and what the brand offers, the placement of our ads differ and we take serious note on such details to provide efficient results, being the bridge connecting brands and people.

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Being India’s leading Outdoor advertising company, we give a complete solution for Outdoor Advertising and promoting your brand/product in outdoor media. Offering customers, the comfort and adequacy of managing a single source of contact that can promote their prestigious brands across Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and India by reaching out to an extensive market. Customers can choose over extensive product options like Outdoor Advertising in Bus shelter, Hoardings, Traffic signals, Pole Kiosks Mobile LED vans. Focused on giving remarkable Outdoor Advertising campaigns to bring the best of Outdoor advertisement for our customers, which will have a lasting impact on the intended customer base. Our years of experience joined with broad industry contacts enables us to ensure our customers are provided strategically planned, well negotiated and all-inclusive outdoor advertisement campaign.

To engage your audience effectively, reach us today for world-class service and all available Outdoor advertisements in your targeted marketing areas.

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